Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Snapper with Garden Vegetables

Snapper is a nice sustainable local fish and it was on sale!  It's only draw back are the large bones. Amazon sells stainless fish pliers that make removing bones much easier. Once the bones were pulled I salted, peppered and seasoned with a little ground savoury. The vegetables were mushrooms, Brussels sprouts and celery from the store.  Green and red peppers from the garden. The nugget potatoes were boiled and served with butter and salt.

The vegetables were the star on the plate. I wanted to do a stir fry but I did not want to use soy sauce. I first fried the mushrooms in olive oil and sprinkled some instant blending flour over them. Then added the celery and peppers. I added salt, an ounce of beef stock and two teaspoons of Oyster Sauce to the pan. I pre cooked the sprouts in the microwave then cooled and drained them.  Shortly before plating I put the sprouts into the pan with the vegetables to finish cooking. I forgot to add the green onion before plating so I added them on top. That seemed to work fine because they don't cook all that well anyway.

Fern said these are the best tasting vegetables I've ever turned out. The hearty beef flavour with the delicate oyster in the background was a phenomenal departure from salt, pepper and olive oil. Even the fussy dog ate all the leftover vegetables. They were good! The fish was fine, it just didn't sing like the veggies.

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