Friday, October 3, 2014

Turkey with Stuffing and Pear Sauce

It was time for some kind of white meat. Thanksgiving is coming so I decided to try one of the turkey breast roasts from Save On.  They are 1.2kg breast meat in a net for $15. Since I don't have a bird to stuff I bought Uncle Ben's Traditional Sage Stuffing. I have yet to make stuffing that tastes better although I probably haven't tried very hard.

I salted, peppered and sprinkled poultry seasoning over all the roast, then brushed it with olive oil. I put it in a rack in a roasting pan in a  275ºF oven. I had more than 3 hours before dinner so I hoped it would be enough.  During the last 45 minutes I turned the oven up to 350ºF so it would finish on time. 

I steamed the broccoli, cooled it and reheated it in olive oil.  The potatoes were boiled and served with butter and fresh chives. Fern made the pear sauce from fruit in the yard. It was surprisingly good with the turkey.

Slow roasting the meat really paid off, the turkey was moist and delicious. It's still my usual suburban plating but everything tasted good with everything else.

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