Friday, March 1, 2013

Braised Pork Ribs

I love pork ribs with BBQ sauce on them and I wanted to see how pork does braising in the oven.  I cut my ribs into pieces and laid them out in a 9x13 pan.  I put Kraft Original BBQ Sauce on them which is my favorite.  Fern's doesn't like it so I was using up the rest.  I wasn't sure if I had enough but it's just tomato paste and molasses with a few herbs and spices so if I need more I'll mix it up.  As it was, half a bottle was enough. A bit of seasoning on  the ribs, BBQ sauce on top and aluminum foil over the pan.  I put it in a 225ºF oven for 3 hours.  The rice was a mixture of brown basmati, red thai and a little pearl barley. I cooked it in chicken stock with a little salt and pepper. Frozen corn because I like corn with pork. 

I was worried that there wouldn't be enough moisture in the pan but when I took it out of the oven the ribs were floating in a wonderful sauce. The pork fell off the bones in rich juicy mouthfuls. The rice was really nice and a bit of welcome texture.  The corn was a nice match but left me wanting a little something green on plate.  I think a little green salad, garnish size, would have completed the plate nicely.

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