Saturday, March 23, 2013


Everyone's favorite comfort food. It doesn't feel like a week has gone by if we haven't had Spaghetti. This is probably the same as most peoples sauce so I'll be brief. I started by caramelizing a diced onion. To that I added a stick of celery and a carrot both diced small.  I chopped up a couple of cloves of garlic and put that in too.  When it was all sweated I took it all out of the pan and put the meat in.  I used 1.5 lbs ground beef and 1.5 lbs mild Italian sausage removed from skins. I browned the meat and made sure most of the water was cooked off. Then everything went back in the pot and one 16 oz can tomato sauce and one 8 oz can Aylmer tomato soup.  If Aylmer brand tomato soup isn't available then use tomato paste instead. A different soup will not produce a good result.

I should have browned the mushrooms before the meat but I forgot so I just sliced them up and put them in the pot at this point. The sauce had two more hours to simmer before dinner so all the flavors would be fully developed and the mushrooms fully cooked. I served it on Barilla pasta with fresh grated parmesan on top. Delicious!

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