Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crab Cakes with Asparagus and Hollandaise

We are fighting off the last of the flu and I felt fishy today so I decided on crab cakes.  Asparagus was on special and I have lots of eggs, the girls have been laying feverishly lately, so I decided right in the store that we were having hollandaise. 

I decided to have a rustic plate with yellow flesh potato, skins on. I got the potatoes on and the steamer set up for the asparagus.  To prep asparagus just hold the stem end between thumb and index finger and bend the top down. It will break where the fibrous stem ends. Steam a few minutes till a fork enters with a light push. Asparagus turns to mush if overcooked. Run steamer under cold water to stop cooking.  A few minutes before plating put cooked asparagus in pan with xv olive oil and warm up over medium low heat.

Hollandaise Sauce

3 egg yolks
1/3 cup melted butter
3 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp water
pinch of salt

Whisk yolks while slowly adding melted butter, just like making mayonnaise.  When all butter is taken up add lemon juice, water and salt.  Put over boiling water and whisk till thickened or if in a glass dish put in microwave for 20 seconds, whisk. Microwave 10 seconds then whisk. Continue cooking and whisking in 10 second intervals until thickened. A pot of boiling water is much easier though.

Crab Cakes

1/2 lb crab (I use imitation with 3% real crab)
1/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 tsp garlic powder
pinch of salt
3 egg whites (use whole eggs, this wasn't great)

I decided to use the whites from the hollandaise eggs instead of using whole eggs in the crab cakes.  This lost fat content took away from the flavor so I would use whole eggs instead.  Also, I had too much egg. One large egg or two small ones is plenty. Break the crab up first then thoroughly mix it with the flour, this helps the cakes hold together. Add the garlic powder and salt, mix. Add beaten eggs and mix.  Drop four cakes into a pan of medium+ hot oil. Brown both sides and serve.

Using only egg whites was definitely a detractor, next time I'll find something more appropriate to do with them. The crab cakes were good despite the egg whites, Fern didn't notice the missing yolks, so it wasn't a failure or a home run.

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