Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pineapple Coconut Curried Chicken

We are both still sick so nothing too demanding for dinner, we just gotta eat. I put rice on to cook and diced an onion.  I caramelized the onions while coating the diced meat in flour and salt. The chicken pieces went into the pan with more oil and I got a little brown on all sides. Next I added two or more tablespoons of curry powder and a pinch, or as much as you want, of cayenne. Roll the chicken in the curry powder to coat it all then add one can coconut milk. I was using a 10 in deep pan which made reducing the coconut milk fairly quick. The chicken should finish cooking while the milk is reducing but it shouldn't be overcooked and rubbery. The meat can be removed from the pan and put back in when the sauce has thickened, but it's great if that extra work can be avoided.

I started my peas in the microwave. When the sauce had thickened, added 1/3 can drained pineapple pieces. I plated the rice, then the curry overlapping and the peas last. I didn't add any chicken stock and the dish suffered for it.  The stock gives depth of flavor to the dish as a whole.  In any case, not a bad meal for a cook with a fever of 101ºF.

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