Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easy Sweet'n Sour Chicken

I got the rice going first then got the meat and vegetables out of the fridge. Before I could do anything else I swiped the crumbs off the cutting board. Unfortunately my index finger caught the tip of the knife and cut it right to the bone. Ouch!!! The same finger I cut with the X-acto knife last week. How am I going to make pineapple chicken now? I'll just make sure everything is cooked and promise the flavor in the next meal.

I managed to get everything prepped and even pounded the chicken flat so it would cook faster, I seasoned it with flour, salt and pepper. I got the vegetables in the steamer, the chicken in a hot pan with plenty of oil and realized I had enough time to make a sauce with the chicken.  I had half a can of pineapple pieces in the fridge so I poured the liquid into the pan.  I watched the sugar syrup reduce for a few moments then thought "If I put some tomato ketchup in that I should have a sweet and sour sauce." So I squirted some ketchup into the pineapple juice and mixed it thoroughly.

Canned pineapple pieces aren't improved by cooking so reserve them for the last minute when they are tossed in the pan to warm but not cook. I put soy sauce on my rice but Fern prefers his white, that is why I usually do nothing to rice.  When the vegetables were almost done I ran them under cold water to stop cooking then put them in a pot with xv olive oil to warm up and finish cooking.

Considering I had given up on having any kind of flavor in the meal it turned out really well. Fern loved the sauce and would be quite happy to have the dish again. So there it is, the easiest sweet'n sour chicken ever!

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