Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Flu Soup

I didn't get a photo of the chicken soup but it looked just like it was supposed to. We both have the flu and feel terrible, a nice soup wouild really help.  I cubed a chicken breast, salted and coated it in flour and browned the pieces in a pot. When they were browned all round I took them from the pot.  Next I sweated a carrot and stick of celery, all finely diced.  Everything back in the pot and add one liter or quart of chicken stock and a bay leaf.  A little salt and pepper and if it's available anise seed. Add some type of egg noodles and when they are tender, serve the soup.

Not a cure, but definitely a comfort.

By mid afternoon I didn't feel much better and needed something for dinner.  I decided a nice soup again so I picked up some yellow split peas.  The bag of peas says rinse and soak for hours or overnight. No time for that! I rinsed them really well in a sieve. 

I caramelized an onion, then browned a couple of slices of diced ham. Then I put the peas in and sweated them a bit.  Not sure if that helps dried peas but it didn't hurt.  I added two packets of chicken stock powder because I used all my stock at lunch.  I added a quart or two of water, a couple of bay leaves and brought it all to a boil. It simmered for 2 hours before I served it and Fern and I both loved it.

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