Sunday, September 29, 2013

Indian Butter Chicken

The meal was preordained to be chicken but circumstance dictated the recipe. Fern was taking longer than planned to process the tomatoes from the garden.  When I finally got to the stove I only had time to make curry.  I cut the chicken into bite size pieces, tossed it in some flour and cooked it almost all the way through. Then I took the chicken out of the pan and put a diced onion in.  Two tablespoons of curry powder over the onions and half a cup of chicken stock.  To that I added 3 chopped tomatoes and half a cup of milk. Boil the water off and add the meat and frozen peas. When the peas are done add a dollop of yoghurt or I used sour cream. Mix it in and serve over rice.

I'm quite sure Butter Chicken uses slightly different spices so this is Butter Chicken style, not recipe. It was good, even the dogs cleaned the plates, hot spices and all.

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