Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pork Cutlet

The pork cutlets from Save On Foods were good the other day and were still on special so I bought them again. I got some broccoli too since the new crop has arrived. I did the carrots and broccoli in the steamer and ran them under cold water when they were almost done.  Then they went back in the pan with olive oil. I made mashed potatoes the usual way. The highlight of the plate is the cherry tomato stew under the cutlet.  A little oil, salt, black pepper and a dash of red cooking wine reduced the tomatoes to a thick, somewhat sweet, sauce. I laid the fried cutlet on the tomatoes, a sprinkle of chopped parsley over all and serve.

The pork cutlets weren't cut evenly so Fern's was underdone in the thickest part. He fed that piece to the dogs.  Otherwise it was a really good meal.

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