Friday, September 13, 2013

Rib Steak with Green Beans

I set out looking for chicken breasts but both grocery stores only had them pre--packaged.  I could buy 6 breasts or two, no other options. I hate having to flag down a butcher to repackage stuff for me so I walked down the cooler a bit. A rib steak, 30% off! And a strip loin, another loin, a pork tenderloin...the clearance bin. The Best Before date was still two days away but the meat was already marked down to clear, I guess after two or three days they mark it down 30%. I would want fresh meat if I was going to freeze it but I was planning to cook it immediately so 3 day old meat should be just fine. I chose the rib steak for myself and two strip loins for Fern and Ryan. Fern was given some green beans from someone's garden so I didn't need vegetables.

First I scrubbed and poked the baking potatoes and got them in the microwave to cook.  When they're done I wrap them in foil with butter, chives and salt to finish on the BBQ.  I trimmed the ends off the beans, threw away the thick fibrous ones and cut the rest in half. I steamed them till they were almost done then ran them under cold water to stop cooking. I put them back in the dry pot with olive oil and salt when I put the steaks on the BBQ. I seasoned the steaks with salt on one side and Montreal Steak spice on both sides. They cooked on the BBQ over high heat for 2 mintues, rotate, 2 minutes, turn over, 2 minutes rotate, 2 minutes and they're done with crossed grill marks. If the steaks are thick they'll need a little longer.

I  thought I had sour cream left but the fridge was bare (of sour cream). I had some home made yoghurt so I used that on my baked potato. Fern prefers butter anyway. I managed to sprinkle chives over the yoghurt and chopped parsley over the steak.  The tomato salad was cherry tomatoes cut in half, chives, black olives, feta cheese, basil, salt and black pepper. I drizzled some olive oil over them followed by a little red wine vinegar. Toss and serve.

We rarely have beans because they aren't my favourite vegetable and they are awful frozen. They also tend to be twice the price of broccoli for some reason and I can't bring myself to pay more for something I like less. So these fresh beans were a real treat! They were tasty and tender. Fresh from the garden beans have wonderful flavour that freezing destroys. The steaks were delicious, no hint of spoilage. The potatoes were wonderful, you'd never guess they were microwaved. The cherry tomatoes in the salad were like sweet little fruits. I ate all my salad which is unusual with such a large steak. I would be quite happy if I had been served this meal in a restaurant.

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