Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tricked Out Jello Pudding

I felt like something creamy but didn't have cream or yoghurt to make frozen something so I turned to the pantry.  There was a package of vanilla Jello instant pudding. Fern doesn't particularly like pudding unless it's really good so out of the box isn't going to fly. I could transform it a la Chopped cooking show, so I set about creating a dessert as fast as I could.

First, I mixed up the pudding and put it down to set.  I put 50gm(2oz) extra dark chocolate in a pot to melt and I got two ladyfinger biscuits out and cut them into 1cm pieces. When the chocolate was melted I slowly added half the pudding, being careful not to add too much pudding at once and break the sauce.

I mixed the ladyfinger pieces into the remaining vanilla pudding and poured it into glass bowls.  Next I carefully poured the chocolate pudding over the vanilla.  I licked the spatula and found the chocolate needed a little more sugar.  So I put icing sugar in a sieve and shook it over the pudding, enough to sweeten it a bit. Most of it melted into the pudding.

I quickly returned to the man cave with our desserts and Fern was amazed I managed to make a complex dish in ten minutes. He liked it too! So did I. Jello instant pudding definitely has a place in my kitchen.

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