Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fresh Sole with Lemon Sauce

There was beef tenderloin on sale but I didn't feel like beef yet. Sole was fresh! I decided not to use almonds this time and just made a lemon sauce instead. The only thing new is the salad every day.  I've found that the bags of pre cut salad can be a good buy if I choose carefully. The Iceberg Garden Mix is $1.79 and makes 4 small salads, so it lasts 2 days. That is more expensive than buying fresh and making it myself, but this saves enough work that we can have a salad every day. For that reason it's worth the price.

I put potatoes on to boil and readied the carrots and broccoli for the steamer.  The sole I salted, mixed peppered and floured both sides, then laid it in plenty of hot oil. Sole cooks in about a minute each side so I had everything ready this time.  I had dressing ingredients ready to be whisked and vegetables steamed ready to be finished in olive oil.  I had mashed potatoes finished before putting the fish in the pan.  The vegetables went into oil just before the fish went in the pan.  When the edges show some brown, turn the fish over. 

The lemon sauce was a roux of a heaping teaspoon of flour and a tablespoon of butter.  Cook the flour briefly and add a little chicken stock.  A squirt of lemon juice and taste.  Add enough lemon so it tastes good but isn't too sour. This time I thinned it with water but more stock might have been better. It was a simple uncomplicated sauce. The sauce was good with both broccoli and carrots so simple doesn't mean bland. This was really good. I've made better, but it was still very good. Even if it tastes a little better, I wouldn't want to have the same thing all the time.


2 tbsp oil
1 tbsp white wine vinegar
1 dot dijon mustard
mixed pepper

Whisk, toss the salad in it and serve. When it's that simple, we can have it every day. At around 60 years old, we need it!

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