Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pizza Sauce Prawns

This meal started off as leftovers from making pizza, but it turned out better than the pizza.  The tomato sauce I made for the pizza did double duty as the sweetish and sour sauce for the prawns.  First I put rice on to cook. Then I sweated a shallot in a sauce pan and dropped in my prawns with a little salt. When they had colour on both sides I removed them from the pan.  

The tomato sauce went in along with a dash of chicken stock and a half cup of water. A handful of drained pineapple pieces went in along with some cayenne and black pepper. Taste. Needs a little oomph so I added 2 drops of rice wine vinegar. Some ginger would have been nice too but I didn't think of it in time. When the rice was done I put the prawns back in to finish cooking while I prepared the plates. I also made the same salad we've been having lately, the vinaigrette is detailed several times on previous posts.

It was absolutely delicious. Fern commented several times while eating. That's a very good sign. 

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