Sunday, March 1, 2015

Breaded Pork Cutlet on Polenta

I wanted to try something new and Fern doesn't like trying new food unless it tastes phenomenal. That's nearly impossible on the first attempt so I wait till he's away. The pork cutlet is from Save On Foods.  Their breading lends a better taste to the meat than the better quality meat from Mitchell's. I used to shop for price. Now I shop for taste, but I try to buy specials when available.

Polenta is boiled corn grit porridge, yum. I cooked it with salted water but should have used stock. Once cooked I added butter and milk to thin it out. I tasted it and it was bland, boring and not better than potatoes. I grated some parmesan cheese and that picked it up. It was better than potatoes, just barely. Next time I'll use stock and less cheese to hopefully get a tasty treat from this simple ingredient. 

Regular store bought apple sauce on the cutlet. The broccoli was steamed, cooled and reheated in olive oil and salt. I'll definitely have polenta again, it's easy and tasty.

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