Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crab Ravioli in Tomato Garlic Sauce

Alone for dinner so time to experiment some more.  I wanted to try making imitation crab raviolis, I had some cheese grated to use up so I put some cheese with the imitation crab and started the pasta.  I just rolled out half the pasta into a strip on number 5 thickness rollers, laid it on the floured ravioli form.  I filled each depression with meat and put the other half of the pasta on top. I found I had to press the air out of the ravioli before sealing them.

The tomato sauce was super simple, a can of tomato paste and chicken stock to thin it. Salt, black pepper and garlic to season it. That was all I did and it was quite good. I have rather too much cheese on the pasta but you can see one little ravioli there.  It worked great this time. Last time the pasta was too thin and tore too easily.

The crab was completely overpowered by the sauce. I could have been eating anything. The raviolis stayed together and all in all it was fun to make. I don't think I'd make a main course of them.  Too much work.  Better six small ones as an extra course. I'd use spicy meat next time.

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