Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gifted Another Trout, wins Ugliest Plate Contest!

Kevin went fishing again and caught another couple of trout, so he gave us a nice 3lb one. I made a point of pressing on the skin with a finger to see if it springs back.  It was firm enough not to dent, that's fresh! I liberally salted and mixed peppered the cavity and exterior.  In the cavity I put a sprig of rosemary, thyme and a bunch of chives.  I sealed it in foil and put it on the BBQ over medium heat for two minutes each side. Then I put it in the centre of the heat to roast for 30 minutes total cooking time. I turned it over one more time half was through.

The rice was basmati cooked with half chicken stock, half water, salt and a little oil. The pepper salad Fern made. Not sure what all is in it but it's good!

Fern takes the meat off the fish carcass so we get mostly boneless fish. He doesn't get the skin off entirely so the plating is haphazard I didn't compose the plate, I just plopped everything down. It shows. 

I put salt on my fish on the plate like it had never been salted.  That made a difference. It brought up the sweetness and toned down the trout flavour.  If I made some tartar sauce I'd have a really nice entre.  I'm feeling more confident now so I'll try to debone the fish myself next time, see if I can make the plate look a little better.

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