Saturday, June 22, 2013


Kevin went fishing and  he gave us two lovely trout for dinner.  All I did with it was salt and pepper over all including the cavity. Put thyme, rosemary and chives in the cavity with a pad of butter and seal in foil.  I put the foiled fish on the BBQ for 2 minutes each side on the heat then let them roast off the heat. I left them in about 25-30 minutes.  The fish was perfectly cooked and still moist. Fern pulled the meat off the bones and I served them with new potatoes and carrots. 

Trout tastes a lot like salmon, it was wonderful.  I did notice the trout tasted sweeter with more salt on it so I think that may be part of why we aren't wild about salmon. Not enough salt. It always surprises me how much salt foods actually need.

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