Thursday, June 20, 2013

Veal in White Wine Sauce

Veal was on special at the store today and since I've never seen it there before I decided to try it.  I had new potatoes and carrots and peas to go with it.  I salted both sides and seared it on both sides, then took the meat out of the pan. I added about a cup of white wine, black pepper, salt and let it boil down. When it was reduced by 2/3 I added some milk and boiled that down. Then I put the veal back in and finished it slowly in the sauce.  

The potatoes were boiled, salted and buttered.  They were the sweetest potatoes I've ever had. Good buy Produce Manager!

I sliced up a few carrots and put them in the microwave with frozen peas.  I used chicken stock instead of water which really helped this time. 

The meat was a little firmer than expected, I should have pounded the cutlets. The sauce was fantastic! How that cheap diesel flavoured white wine boiled down into a wonderful fruity sauce I'll never know!

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