Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fresh Sole with Almonds and Savoury Lemon Sauce

The first time I cooked sole I was quite afraid of it.  I needn't have been.  It's about the easiest fish to cook there is.  The only rule, fresh not frozen. Frozen sole turns to mush when cooked. The bones are too small to take out so just cook them in for a little crunch. Cutting the fillets up into pieces about the size of the spatula makes them easier to turn over. Simply salt and dredge the fillets in flour and lay in hot oil.  It cooks so fast it's best to have everything else ready or almost ready when  the fish hits the oil. When one side gets browned turn it over and do the other side.  It only takes a couple of minutes each side if the pan is hot.

I put slivered almonds in the toaster oven to brown them. They are just sprinkled over the fish and covered in lemon sauce.  The lemon sauce is a roux, butter and flour cooked together then chicken stock added to thin.  Lemon juice was added to taste and a little salt too. If the stock is tasty, the sauce will be savoury lemon heaven. I make fresh chicken stock at least once a week so I always have it on hand.

The vegetables were done in the steamer and again I managed to overcook the broccoli. At least this time I had Berio XV olive oil to finish them with. After draining the vegetables I put them back on the stove over medium low heat with xv olive oil for flavour. 

The mashed potatoes are plain with just a little butter, salt and milk. Ryan stayed for dinner and said it was the best Sole he'd ever had.  Most of his life was spent eating fast food so pretty much anything is going to taste better, but I'll take the compliment anyway.

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