Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Outside Round Steak Pressure Cooked

I wanted to try my new pressure cooker so I was looking for something cheap and a bit tough. Round steak was on sale and I got enough for 3 people and 2 dogs for $6.05. I had tomatoes, a few new potatoes, onion, celery, carrot and 3 cloves of garlic. 

I sweated the onion then added the celery, carrot and garlic for a minute before taking all from the pan.  I added more oil and put half the seasoned meat in to brown on medium high heat. When both sides had a good sear I took them out and put the vegetables back in.  Five tomatoes chopped up went in with a little chicken stock to get the sauce going and the meat on top.  I added one tablespoon of Southwest Spice to the pot, the potatoes and put the lid on. Heat on high till the pressure is up then turn down to medium low for 15 minutes. That should cook and soften the tough cut of meat. I also made some rice since there wasn't quite enough potatoes for three.

The meat didn't come out quite as tender as I'd hoped, but it wasn't as tough as it could have been either. The flavour was excellent and the potatoes were cooked through. I think maybe 30 minutes in the pressure cooker would have softened the meat a lot more. It will take more research and more experiment.  

Despite being an experiment, the meal was quite good and we all felt well fed.  The tomato sauce Fern wanted saved for pasta for lunch today.  So it was good enough to have again!

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