Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spaghetti Two Ways

It was a spaghetti night and sauce was in the freezer so not much work to make dinner.  Ryan decided to stay but he doesn't like tomato sauce much so I offered to teach him how to make a cheese sauce. He did a pretty good job and he really liked the cheese sauce. We may have dislodged Kraft Dinner from the top of his favourite food list.

I put a teaspoon of flour and two teaspoons of oil in a small sauce pan.  I made a paste and let it bubble a little over medium high heat to cook the flour taste off. Heat to medium low. To that I added 1/4 cup chicken stock and whisked it into a thick sauce.  Quickly followed by half a cup of milk.  Whisk the sauce smooth and add more milk if it's too thick. Add one to two cups grated cheddar cheese and stir as it melts.

This is the first time I've catered to one person's tastes so much but it was an interesting challenge to make a different dish for one person.  The pasta was all cooked in the same pot and the cheese sauce took only one small extra pot so it turned out to be not much trouble at all. Both dishes were garnished with the same parmesan cheese.  Chopped parsley on the cheese sauce would have looked nice too. Next time. Now that I think about it, some crispy cooked parmesan would give a wonderful crunch.

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