Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chicken Stir Fry

I usually buy 4 chicken breasts in a family pack and use 2 that day and the remainder 2 days later. Even though the best before date is still 2 days away I have found some chicken starts to smell a bit ripe by day 3. If it is I rinse it a smell again. If it smells ok then it was just on the surface and it's safe to cook and eat. That hasn't made me sick so far. Even so, it's still a small risk so I've started using the chicken up 2 days in a row, see how that works.

I haven't done a simple stir fry for quite a while.  I was out of sesame oil to begin with, but I now have oyster sauce, so that will give a new twist to the old flavors. I diced up half an onion and cut the remainder in larger chunks. Celery and mushrooms sliced and some of Fern's frozen sweet pepper pieces.  They don't cook up as nice but they have much better flavor so I'm happy to have them.

I made basmati rice, I use it for everything but risotto.  While the small diced onion was searing in a large frying pan, I cubed the chicken and put a tablespoon of flour on it. When the onions were half done I put the mushrooms in with plenty of oil.  When I had a nice sear on the mushrooms I removed both from the pan.  I tossed the meat in the flour to coat it and put in the the frying pan.  Extra oil all over because the flour will cook it off. I get an even sear on everything but the center is still raw.  I splashed half an ounce of chicken stock in the pan and cooked it off.  Then I add the remaining vegetables and the onions and mushrooms.  I added a tsp of oyster sauce and a tablespoon of soy sauce to the pan.  Stir frequently.  When the vegetables were done I served it over the rice. It was wonderful and didn't taste anything like the chicken from the BBQ last night.

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