Sunday, December 23, 2012

Haunted Basil

I seem to have developed haunted basil.  See the basil on the right with the lid lifted? A moment before it was down like the others and no one touched it. It's been happening for a day or so that I can recall. I pushed it down and started preparing dinner. I kept glancing up at it as I worked. It was normal. normal. normal. normal. UP!!!!!!! What is doing that? Does basil off-gas enough to pop the top repeatedly? Fern's mother passed away 2 days ago so last time I was in the kitchen I pushed the lid down and said, "If it's Pierrette doing that, lift them all up."
I'll see what happens.

None of the others popped up, so it's not Pierette and is basil specific. I turned the basil 90┬║ to see if the same corner relative to the shelf would pop. The same corner relative to the jar popped up. It has popped up while I've been working in the kitchen and I don't hear it go pop.  If it was a buildup of gas, I would expect it to POP when it is forced open. It makes no sound, so I am at a loss to explain this. I don't like unsolved mysteries.

Jan. 4, the lid has stopped popping up so whatever was causing it has stopped. I wonder if that means there is no flavor left in the dried Basil? I'll have to check.

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