Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chicken Thighs Taste Better!

I was in the mood for chicken but the breasts were a bit pricey so I decided to have a go at some chicken thighs instead. The meat is supposed to taste better, so lets find out.

The peas are fresh from the garden but the carrot and potato are store bought. I started by boning the thighs.  On the underside there is a strand of fat/sinew running from end to end of the bone.  I cut down to the bone the length of the strand.  Then scrape the meat away from the bone all around.  I left the skins on this time.  It only took a few minutes do six of them.  

I put flour, salt, poultry seasoning, paprika, and fresh ground mixed pepper in a plastic bag and shook the chicken in it.  I laid the thighs in a frying pan with plenty of oil. Salt in a dry rub never seems to leave enough salt on the meat so I salted the upturned side of the chicken in the pan.

I got the potatoes on boiling first then put the carrots in the steamer.  I put the peas in the steamer when the meat was a bit more than half done.  The meat took longer to cook than expected so my vegetables were crunchless but tasted good.

I mashed the potatoes and added salt, butter and milk.  I finished the vegetables in extra virgin olive oil with a little salt and black pepper. The chicken was delicious. Moist and flavourful, more than chicken breasts offer. I'd say chicken thighs are just as easy to do as chicken breasts and the thighs taste better and are cheaper to boot.

My food costs contract again.  It's a good thang!

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