Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pork Chop with Honey Mustard Sauce

It was either a chicken or pork night. The chicken was pricey so I picked up 3 nice pork chops.  I also got some new potatoes and I had broccoli and carrots in the fridge. I seasoned the meat with salt, mixed pepper and mustard powder so there was a yellow hue on the meat when it went in the pan. The new potatoes were boiled and I steamed the vegetables.

I cooked the meat in a frying pan over medium+ heat.  It acquired a beautiful colour and crust on the outside.  I mixed up a bit of Maille dijon mustard (any brand will do) with a little honey.  Just enough honey to overcome the bitterness in the mustard. I learned something important about plating this time.  I plated my chop with the sauce over top because I knew I liked the sauce. For the other two diners I plated the sauce first then laid the chop on top of it.  It looked really great so I wish I'd done the same to my plate. I will next time for sure. In any case, it was a delicious meal.

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