Thursday, July 25, 2013

Honey Mustard Pork Chops

Fresh from my Quality Foods rotting meat disaster I decided to give Save-On Foods meat department another try. I never had a problem with them before so hopefully they are still reasonably good. Save-On has changed the way they market their meat with everything now vacuum packed. No more sticky meat packages, so I guess that's better. I settled on a small boneless pork loin roast that I could slice into chops.  The roasts were all about the same size and all $5 so I chose the heaviest one and headed home.

I wanted to slice the roast into chops and cook them on the BBQ so it didn't make sense to brine the pork first.  The brine would prevent the meat from searing and sealing in the juices, or at least that's the way it looks to me. So I salted and seasoned the chops with mixed ground pepper and fired up the BBQ.  I put some rice on to cook and prepped the carrots and broccoli. 

Honey Mustard Sauce/Glaze

1 tsp dijon mustard
2 tsp honey

I put the seasoned chops on the BBQ for the usual 2 minutes, rotate, 2 minutes, turn over, 2 minutes, rotate, 2 minutes and they have nice grill marks.  Next I brush glaze over the chops and turn them over into the BBQ centre, off the heat, and brush the other side with glaze. I left them to finish cooking off the fire while I readied everything else for plating.  I had to drain the veggies and put salt and olive oil on them to finish them off. A little black pepper too. Got the chops off the BBQ onto plates to rest a moment before serving.

I plated the plain rice and vegetables beside the chops. I didn't put soy sauce on my rice as I was hoping to flavour it with juice from the meat. I didn't over cook the broccoli fortunately. I'm finally getting a handle on when to remove them from the steamer.

Rice and vegetables don't really need comment.  The pork chops almost speak for themselves.  Plump and juicy, they taste as good as they look. I had always put glazes on meat before cooking and was never really happy with the result.  Grilling the chops and finishing them with the glaze worked spectacularly. Juicy and full of flavour, this is definitely the way to BBQ pork chops.

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