Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Garlic Oregano Chicken, still recovering

My temperature has stayed below 100º all day so I'm slowly getting better.  I got 4 chicken breasts today and quickly boned them and got the stock going.  I put two breasts in the fridge for later in the week and put two in a plastic bag to flatten.  I mixed up salt, mixed pepper, garlic, oregano oil and lemon juice in a bowl and coated the flattened breasts.  I put rice in the microwave and got corn ready in another dish.

Fern asked for a grilled tomato with dinner so I had him pick me one.  I cut the tomato in half and seasoned it with salt and black pepper.  I covered it with shredded parmesan and put it in the oven which was at 350º for 5 or 10 minutes.  The whole tomato was cooking but the cheese wasn't browning so I took it out of the oven and put it under the toaster oven broiler. That quickly browned it.

The chicken was on the BBQ medium heat. Put meat over flame for 2 minutes, rotate meat, 2 minutes, turn meat over, 2 minutes, rotate meat, 2 minutes and it's done. I plated everything quickly and sat to eat.  The chicken was tangy and delicious.  Rice and corn were nothing special.  The tomato was the star of the dish.  It was ripe, sweet and full of flavour. I'd make this meal again.

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