Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Greek Turkey

I wasn't sure what I felt like for dinner, just no beef. Nothing on the fish counter. Skip Angus beef section... oh wait, what's that? Boneless turkey breast marinated in Greek seasoning.  That sounds interesting, and I don't have to do any more work on it! To clinch the deal it was marked down half price to clear. Marked down meat is always fine if used immediately so I picked the smallest package.

Everyone has too many cucumbers right now so what to do with them?  I had a whole hour to prepare dinner and even though my partner insisted I had to pound the turkey breasts flat, I still felt I had time to make a little garnish/salad. First I got the whole grain rice going. I use my own blend of brown basmati and red Thai rice with a little pearl barley thrown in to round out the flavor. This time I used 3 parts chicken stock and 1 part water in the rice.  It takes 40-60 minutes to cook so it has to get going early.

I got the carrots in the steamer and started pounding the turkey breasts in a plastic bag.  I don't want them too big so I only pound them till they are fairly uniform and will cook evenly.  I had the BBQ warmed up to medium low and I put the breasts over the heat.  I put the broccoli in with the carrots and started on the garnish while I did the usual 2 minutes, rotate, 2 minutes, turn over, 2 minutes, rotate, 2 minutes and they're done on the breasts.

The garnish is a small carrot grated finely and a peace of cucumber seeded and grated. The cucumber doesn't show but there was about the same amount of seeded cucumber as carrot. I mixed a little xv olive oil and rice oil with some white balsamic vinegar and a little salt.  I mixed in the grated carrot and cucumber and tasted.  Nice, I can taste the carrot and cucumber but it's a bit one dimensional, no time left to fiddle. Next time I'll add a little cumin and see what it's like.

I retrieved the breasts from the BBQ and let them rest while I drained the vegetables.  I added some salt, pepper, butter and xv olive oil to the vegetables and let that melt in while I plated the rice.  Next the vegetables and finally the garnish.

It was pretty good but the butcher left a couple of pieces of plastic on the breasts that we found when eating them.  I wanted to talk to the meat manager anyway so I'll mention it to him next time I'm in.
Otherwise, Greek turkey (fresh garlic and oregano) is a viable alternative to cranberry sauce. Carrots and cucumbers can live together in a salad but they need outside help.

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