Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pork Chop with Apple Sauce

Apple sauce was made yesterday by my partner. The pork chop I shook in a plastic bag with corn flour, salt, pepper, fresh chives and oregano.  Unfortunately I found that chives and oregano won't stick to a pork chop at the same time as corn flour without some help.  Pickles were being made all day so dinner was late and I just cooked it as is.  I like the flavor of corn flour on pork, which is good because I had no idea what to do with corn flour otherwise.

Fresh carrots and frozen peas can be cooked together in the microwave.  I just add butter, salt and pepper when they're done. Ordinary mashed potatoes. The star on this plate was really the apple sauce. There's nothing like home canned applesauce. We got a food mill this year which made things easier.  There is still a batch of pears to make into sauce as well. That's for tomorrow.

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