Monday, September 3, 2012

Prawn and Crab Pasta

Dinner by myself this night so not too difficult a meal. I had a few raw prawns and some imitation crab which I was planning to have in a cream cheese sauce. First, out to the garden to get a  fresh shallot and a green pepper.  I put water on the stove for the pasta and started dicing my shallot.  When the water was boiling I put the pasta in to cook.

I put  a little oil and butter in the sauce pan on medium high heat and added the shallots. When they were golden I took them out and put in the prawns, garlic, salt and pepper.  When the prawns were almost cooked through I took them out and added the diced green pepper.  Once the pepper was sweated I took it out of the pan and put a heaping teaspoon of flour in the sauce pan.  I added enough oil to make a paste of the flour and cooked the taste off it.  A dash of chicken stock to thin the flour then a half cup of milk to make the sauce. I whisked in the milk to make a smooth sauce and put all the ingredients back in.

While the sauce pan was heating the milk I got out my cream cheese and added about 5 wedges to the pan.  When they were melted I stirred the cheese into the sauce and plated it over the pasta spirals. It was really good!

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