Monday, September 17, 2012

Ginger Beef Gruel

It was supposed to be chop suey but I made so many mistakes putting it together that it just failed. Tasted good, but texture and color is all wrong. I started out on the right foot.  I diced a couple of slices of onion to caramelize in the pan.  To that I added the sliced carrots and then the thinly sliced steak. That was my first mistake because the meat didn't sear as much as it steamed.  To that I added the remaining onion, green pepper, mushrooms, bean sprouts and ginger.  I didn't sweat anything first so all the moisture in all the vegetables came out in the pan and made a soupy mess. By the time I had boiled it off everything was cooked nearly to death.  I served it on plain white rice, which I managed to cook correctly so at least the meal was edible. It tasted good but wasn't a pleasure to eat, mushy vegetables and rubbery meat.

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