Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pork Chop and maybe it's the flu

Today I was well enough to go shopping, for food. Finally broccoli is affordable again, fresh carrots and mashed potatoes. Not much to talk about there.  I steamed the vegetables, drained them and put them on the burner with butter and a little xv olive oil.  I'm trying to get the hang of finishing vegetables with xv olive oil.  If it's done right it gives them a wonderful flavor, overheat the xv oil and it will be bitter. I didn't quite get to full flavor this time. Premature plating I guess.

The pork chop was the star.  I put corn flour in a plastic bag and added salt, mixed pepper and dry mustard. I shook the pork chops to coat and fried them.  The condiment is fresh Apple Ketchup
made that day.  The meal was the highlight of the day.

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