Monday, July 7, 2014

Breaded Pork Cutlet

Save On had a pack of two cutlets just the right size, they must be having an off day. So I picked them up and headed for the veggies.  Fern is tired of broccoli so I'm trying bok choy instead. I put potatoes on first then peeled and sliced up a couple of carrots. I put the carrots in olive oil in a large pan, added some beef stock and let the carrots cook. Potatoes were boiling away for mashed. That leaves only the meat which is seasoned and ready to cook. When the carrots were almost cooked I took them off the heat and put the cutlets on in plenty of oil. I turned the heat down a bit towards the end of cooking so the cutlets wouldn't scorch.

The potatoes were mashed with butter and milk, there was enough salt from the water. I added bok choy to the carrots with some soy sauce while the cutlets were finishing. I plated the cutlet with home made apple sauce. 

The bok choy tasted really good and had a satisfying crunch too. The cutlet was good as usual. I don't know what's in their breading but it sure tastes good. The potatoes were....potatoes. It's a confused plate, all over the place, but it tasted good together. That, after all, is what's most important. 

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