Thursday, July 24, 2014

Prawns and Pasta with Greek Salad

I was busy all day so it wasn't till around 5pm I started thinking about dinner. With time short I decided to go with prawns and pasta. I only need to pick up some prawns and tomato sauce. Fern asked for sauce I didn't make from tomato paste. I guess I'm not doing it right yet.

Save On has a new brand of tomato sauce, Antonellas's, which comes in a box with a capped spout, a slightly larger size and half the price of Mezzeta's Bistro sauces. If it's good it's a bargain. To me, it had a slightly tomato soupy kind of flavour but Fern liked it and the customer is always right. It's convenient to have a bit left in the fridge too, so I can experiment with it. 

Jumbo prawns were on sale so I bought a bag of those. Larger prawns = fewer prawns = less work. I just found that out. I used the sauce right out of the box. Barilla pasta, boiled in salted water. Wow it's almost like real cooking! The pasta was on sale and all the penne was gone so I bought Farfalle. Fresh grated parmesan on top. I used to buy Canadian made grated parmesan until I tasted the real thing. 

Greek Salad

2 tomatoes diced
1/2 small English cucumber diced
1 slice white onion finely chopped
black olives - I buy pitted kalamata
feta cheese
1 tbsp olive oil
1-2 tsp lime juice - ran out of lemon
1/2 tsp salt
black pepper
1 small clove garlic

Mash the garlic with the salt. Put oil and lime in salad bowl and whisk. Add garlic and onion, whisk. Add tomatoes, cucumber, black olives and toss. Add feta cheese, toss lightly and plate.

I finely chopped the remaining onion and put it in my sauce pan with some olive oil. I sweated it and added the prawns after removing the shell and tails. Once they had colour on one side I turned them over. I don't want them fully cooked because they will finish in the sauce. I removed them from the pan and added the sauce. Just before the pasta was ready I put the prawns in the sauce to finish cooking. When the pasta was ready I drained it and added it to the sauce. I plated everything and topped with fresh grated parmesan.

Easy, fast, delicious. 

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