Monday, July 7, 2014


Fern asked for spaghetti so I didn't have to plan too much.  I picked up some ground beef and I had a chorizo sausage in the fridge for spice. I sweated a diced onion, carrot, stick of celery and clove of garlic. Next I added the beef to brown while I chopped up the chorizo then put it in the pot. I added a can of Aylmer tomato soup, small can of diced tomatoes and a can of tomato paste. Half a cup of beef stock and half a cup of water and start simmering the sauce.  I sliced some mushrooms and diced up a green pepper.  I should have sweated them first but forgot. Into the sauce they went. I added some salt and a tablespoon of paprika and a teaspoon of dried basil. Let it simmer 45 minutes, adding water as needed and serve on pasta. Fresh grated parmesan on top.

If you can't find Aylmer Tomato Soup, then leave the soup out.

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