Thursday, July 10, 2014


I went off to the store intending to get cod or halibut. When I got there I had a choice of snapper. So I got a 300gm fillet, some new potatoes and fresh green beans. In my mortar I put two teaspoons onion powder and a quarter teaspoon cumin, crush. Add two teaspoons  of flour and mix. I salt the meat first then apply the seasoning. I fried the fish in plenty of hot oil. I cut the ends off the beans and put them in the steamer. The potatoes just have to be boiled in salted water to soft, drain and melt butter on them.

Russian Vinaigrette

1 tbsp olive oil
1-2 tsp red wine vinegar
1/2 tsp salt
black pepper
1 tsp tomato ketchup

I liked the dressing, Fern wasn't impressed. We both loved the snapper.  The cumin didn't help it a lot but the onion powder on it works really well. Next time I'm going to focus on the onion flavour.  The beans were a wonderful change from broccoli and the nugget potatoes are always a treat. 

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